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I have finally confirmed that Kenya is a doomed nation after witnessing a closed door meeting between Kenyan and Ethiopian officials on the Gibe III Hydroelectric project. A project which despite the lack of appropriate research to look into its environmental impact on Lake Turkana and the local communities is moving head on, ignoring all warnings, protests, and advice from activists, international organizations, and environmental experts. The meeting was hosted by the African Development Bank (ADB) on November 18th to allow for the two parties and other stakeholders to plan the way forward for energy development for the two countries. Those present included: Directors, CEOs and other executive staff from the Kenyan Ministries of Finance and Energy, KPLC, KenGen, ADB, the Ethiopian Electric Power Company (EEPCo) and other stakeholders.


The Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT) has organized peaceful demonstrations in various towns around Lake Turkana to express their concern of the dangers posed by the Gibe III dam, which is under construction on the Omo River, on Lake Turkana and its people. The demonstrations will take place on January 19th, 2010, in Lowarangek on the West of Lake Turkana, and Illeret town, on the East. This will be followed by simultaneous demonstrations in Loiyangalani and Lodwar on January 20th. FoLT will also hold a press conference in Nairobi on January 20th at 10am, NHIF Building, 3rd flr conference rm.

The press conference aims to highlight the most recent developments in the campaign and Gibe III project and will include an address from the renowned anthropologist and environmentalist, Dr. Richard Leakey.


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