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The Gibe hydroelectric project is one of a series of damming projects that have been undertaken by the Ethiopian government. The project is a public-private partnership planned as a 25 year national energy master plan of Ethiopia. The planned increase in power generation, however far exceeds domestic needs with the surplus which is estimated at 50 percent being exported to the neighboring countries including Kenya which the Ethiopian Electric Power Company (EEPCo) predicts to export 500MW to.

Download Gibe III Fact sheet and other documents here to obtain more background information pertaining to the Gibe III project.

The Gibe III threatens the biodiversity, livelihoods, and development of Northern Kenya, yet these potential risks have not been taken into account in the project planning by the Government of Ethiopia. The project has been opposed by local and international environmental and human rights groups and advocates. However, it was ultimately approved based on an incomplete Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that did not adequately take into account the perspectives of indigenous communities around Lake Turkana.

To find out more about the threats the Lake faces with its construction, click here

Despite the potential impacts of the dam on the lake’s ecosystem and livelihoods, Ethiopia has continued to pursue the project without an adequate environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) or proper consultation with the Lake Turkana Basin communities. FoLT is therefore working to bring attention to the impacts which Gibe III Dam will have on the Lake Turkana region and peoples and to find lasting solutions to this social injustice.

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20 May

Our Values

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  1. FoLT's operations are guided by values that uphold our integrity and independence and the independence of communities. As such;
  2. Folt does not solicit or accept funding from political parties,
  3. FoLT does not accept any donations which could compromise our independence, aims, objectives or integrity.
  4. FoLT relies on donations from individual supporters; on grants from foundations, like-minded NGOs and international or national development or environment agencies; and ethical businesses, from film and photo sales.
  5. We are committed to the principles of non-violence.
  6. FoLT has no political or religious affiliations and is entirely independent.
20 May

Our Mission

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FoLT's Mission is to protect and conserve Lake Turkana, the Lake Turkana Basin and its environment; champion the rights of the Lake's communities and ensure their involvement in decision-making on issues relating to the Lake and its environment; and engage communities in conservation activities within the Lake Turkana Basin and its environs.

20 May

Our Vision

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FoLT's Vision is: Well informed Lake Turkana Basin communities who have control over their natural resources and their use for economically and environmentally sustainable development.


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