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17 Oct

FoLT Holds Environmental, Governance and Rights Workshop in Turkana

Pastoralists, fisherfolk and indigenous communities access to and control over their natural environment; land and water as well as culture has come into sharp focus as it has become clear that the lives of pastoralists or indigenous peoples is anchored on these resources, making access to land and environmental resources equitable is one way to achieve development. This means much dependence on productivity of the natural environment thus the need to protect the environment, increase natural resource governance, communities and biodiversity that depend upon it by linking environmental and natural resource governance, land and social-cultural rights 

Between 1st and 2nd October 2012, FoLT held the Integrating Environmental and Natural Resource Governance, Land and Socio-Cultural Rights workshop at the Anne Nanjala Resource Centre in Lodwar Town, Turkana, Kenya. The workshop brought together 70 participants representing local leaders, civil society organizations (CSO's), youth and women representatives, local community members, government departments, UN agencies, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and donor agencies.

This workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to share their experiences and to deepen their personal understandings of oil, extractives, environmental governance and land rights and consider the various dynamics created and how this impacts on opportunities and experiences. Experiences and case studies in this crucial sector were drawn from far and wide including from Ghana, USA, South America, Uganda and the UK. Experiences shared in this workshop included:

Oil Governance experiences and lessons from Uganda and Ghana in comparison to Turkana & Kenyan experiences

  1. Natural Resource Extraction and Infrastructure Development and its Impact on women and youth
  2. Land Rights, Infrastructure Development and Natural Resource Management
  3. Environmental and Social Implications of Natural Resource
  4. Extraction and Related Infrastructure Development in Kenya
  5. Human Rights and Natural Resource Management

TheWorkshop also made some assessments of the current situation in Turkana and Kenya including an assessment of the current community engagement processes in Turkana through Turkana Leadership Forum. Participants would also review the thorny issue of the Gibe III Dam development and its implications on the people and the environment.  Participants would also discuss at length how Kenya can develop and implement responsible, transparent and participatory oil and gas policies.

The Workshop also introduced a number of tools, strategies and processes for strengthening the voice of the community in advocacy to address their concerns.

At the close of the workshop, a task force of 6 persons was selected to put together a framework that provides an advocacy platform for the broad Turkana community that reaches the attention of policymakers, philanthropists, thought leaders, and the general public; local, national, regional and international. The task force was responsible for producing the workshop report and will hold a meeting at the end of October to assess progress and chart a way forward.

The report of the workshop proceedengs is now available on this website and can be downloaded in our Documents Downloads section or by simply clicking on the link below.


Download the full report


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  • paul jelinga

    we know the people have interest and not the society opinions, and if it is about advocacy let it be clear and know and under the shades of the personalities.

    Report paul jelinga Thursday, 09 May 2013 09:41 Comment Link
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