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04 Jun

More Killings in Lower Omo, Ethiopia

Surma people - Omo valley Ethiopia

On the first day of June, we recieved an alert that the Ethiopian government forces have continued their killing spree aimed at forcing Lower Omo tribespeople out of their land and into the resettlement lands that the government has set aside. This forced resettlement scheme is as a result of the lands of these people having been leased out by the central government to foreign agricultural investments to establish comercial plantations.

There can only be one way to express the pain that these poor people feel about forceful relocation - by publishing the email we recieved unedited.

Dear All,

The Suri, a conglomerate group of the Timaga, Chai, and Balas, are linguistically similar to Mursi and known for lip plates worn by the women. They are cattle herders, as well as cultivators, in their mountains lands to the west of the Omo River.

There have been more recent killings in Suri by the Ethiopian military. Numerous sources have confirmed this. Three Suri had their hands and feet tied and were thrown off the Dima bridge (of Dima town) into the water and drowned. Seven more were found shot along the road. These bodies were left to be eaten by hyenas and vultures.

There have been more reports that others were killed in the bush, but there has been no count of how many. This all is because the Suri are refusing to move into the government resettlement site. The resettlement site has been cleared and demarcated, but no infrastructure work has begun. The Suri are vehemently opposed to resettlement. They say, 'Are we the government's children? If you tells us to move into one place, we just go?'

Last week it was reported that 1500-2000 Ethiopian soldiers were in Suri territory to disarm them. The Suri say this all has to do with the lease of a large section of their land to a Malaysian palm oil plantation.


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Last modified on Monday, 04 June 2012 11:09

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  • Ngiboro Nginkan

    This is despicable to say the least. Does the Ethiopian government view the Suri and other Omo Valley people as Ethopians or aliens. The African Union should investigate this and if found true the AU headquaters should be moved from Ethopia. ICC should also intervene.

    Report Ngiboro Nginkan Tuesday, 03 July 2012 12:50 Comment Link
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