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who we are

Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT) is a grassroots organization that works in the greater Turkana basin with a mission to foster economic and social resource and environmental justice. FoLT works to protect the environment, advancing human rights protection and advocacy through sound policy and practices, and; giving voice to rural, indigenous people, and pastoralists, who historically have been denied access to benefits accruing from the extraction and use of their land and other natural resources within their territories. 

What We do

Our impact

The construction of the Gibe 3 Dam in Ethiopia is one of the biggest threats to Lake Turkana and its ecosystem and one that FoLT has strongly opposed.

The efforts by FoLT’s campaign to highlight the concerns of the destruction to ecosystem, livelihoods and exacerbation of conflict, led to the withdrawal of financing from the African

Development Bank, World Bank and European Investment bank. It also led the banks to review their safeguards, with the ADB also starting a process of putting in place anIndigenous peoples policy.

Our Vision

A just environment and empowered citizenry.

What We do

Our model

FoLT recognizes that social and economic inequalities tear the social fabric, undermine social cohesion and prevent nations, communities and individuals from flourishing thus creating the necessity for social justice

In all thematic areas, FoLT’s key intervention strategies and methods; research, communication, capacity building, networking, policy dialogue and public mobilization will continue to be applied. However, the repositioning within current themes as well as interventions in new thematic areas involve exploring new ideas, building new alliances and new capacities

Our Mission

To foster social, economic and environmental justice in the Turkana Basin through promotion of sustainable management of resources and protection of the natural environment with stakeholder participation.

meet the team

Winnie Talai

Winnie Talai is the project assistant at FoLT based in Lodwar. She is an enthusiastic and passionate social worker who spends most of her time working with women and the youth on issues related to budgeting, women representation and empowerment, public participation and social accountability.

Robert Matara

Assistant at FoLT and a GIS whose expertise is crucial to the organization’s programmatic interventions.Robert plays an integral role in field data collection, mapping, drafting, data conversion, and data manipulation for the purpose of updating Turkana basin’s GIS and CAD landscapes and infrastructure maps. He is also the lead in preparing maps and generating reports; plotting charts and curves from data as well as archiving and indexing documents and files

Andrew Orina

Andrew Orina is a trained forester with an eye for the environment - people nexus. As the Programs Manager, he is responsible for the smooth flow of programs at FoLT.

Shalom Ndiku

Head of Research, Policy and Knowledge Management leading FoLT in developing innovative research strategy and methodology that relates to organizational priorities and programs that supports FoLT’s advocacy efforts. He is a lawyer by profession with a bachelor’s and a master’s degrees in Law as well as a degree in psychology.

John Ohaga

John Ohaga is in charge of media and communication at FoLT. He holds an MA in Communication from University of Westminster, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Sociology from the University of Nairobi and a Diploma in Journalism and Public relations. He is a Chevening scholar as well as an ISOC’s Next Generation Leaders Fellow with over 13 years’ experience in media and communications.

Immaculate Mutheu

Immaculate Mutheu has provided financial and administrative support to FoLT for the last 8 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Masters in Project Planning and Management, and has developed a strong sense of devotion to the pursuit of social justice and hence her commitment to FoLT.

Danson Lominyi

Danson Eweet Lominyi provides Administrative and Financial Assistance to friends of Lake Turkana. He possesses academic qualifications in a number of areas including logistics and supplies management and disaster mitigation and management. Danson is however a practical guy and has aided in developing an efficient administration culture and management in the organization.

Elipan Eunice

Elipan Eunice joined friends of Lake Turkana in 2017 as an attaché and later on recruited as project assistant for Turkana, under the project “reducing conflict risks associated with the extractives in Turkana south and east”. Elipan has expertise in petroleum management, health safety and quality management in oil and gas sector, with experience in leadership skills and governance. She has a diploma in petroleum management from the Kenya school of petroleum studies.

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